Facts and figures

MAI international students on the occasion of the “Day of knowledge” which is celebrated on the 1st of September.
Prof. Anatoly Gerashenko, MAI Rector, and Dr. Vitaly Miknis, vice-rector for International affairs, are exchanging souvenirs with Dr. Hur Byung Ki, Chairman of Korea Polytechnic Colleges (KOPO) after signing of a MOU.
The outbreak of MAI international activity dates back to 1991–1992, when the institute was allowed to establish international contacts. At that time an international department was established at the institute. The department was assigned following objectives: to enroll students, post-graduate students and trainees for studying branches available and to establish academic and scientific ties with the leading higher education institutes and aerospace organizations all over the world.

International activity is currently provided by the International cooperation department which consists of two divisions: the Office of International programs which is responsible for foreign relations, and the International Services Office which is in charge of foreign students, post-graduate students and trainees being educated in the institute. Having started from 2 international students in 1992 the international cooperation department managed to make significant progress. It suffices to say that:

  • approximately 1200 foreign students, post-graduate students and trainees from 38 countries, such as Algeria, Bangladesh, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the Union of Myanmar, Thailand, India, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, France, the United States of America, Turkey, Brazil, the CIS countries and others are being educated at the institute;
  • more than 32 international agreements with various organizations from 9 countries are in force;
  • more than 200 official foreign delegations have visited the institute for the last five years; as a result of the negotiations more than 60 international agreements on cooperation have been signed;
  • during the same period more than 1000 professors and students went abroad on business trips to do lecturing and to participate in exhibitions, scientific conferences and round tables;

It ought to be noted that MAI has become a corporate member of several authoritative international organizations, such as SAE International, Royal Aeronautical Society, Institute of Measurement and Control and others.
The institute regularly participates in international educational and scientific exhibitions for the purpose of promoting its academic programs and scientific achievements. Nowadays we can proudly say that the institute gained international recognition as one of the leading educational, scientific and technological centers in aerospace industries. Hundreds of our graduates from foreign countries are working in the leading national and international aerospace corporations and scientific centers.

Students of the International aerospace university of Strasbourg (France) against a background of “MAI History wall”
A delegation from the Republic of Peru in the “Aeronautical engineering” laboratory with Dr. Anatoly Voron, head of the International Cooperation Department (on the left) and Prof. Oleg Brehov, head of the “Computers, Computer systems and Networks” department.
A prospective MAI student is visiting the MAI exposition during an educational exhibition in Delhi (India).