International Students Culture Center

International Student Cultural Centre (ISCC) of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

ISCC of MAI was organized in 2007.

ISCC – is the union of students from Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Ecuador, Mexico, India, Russia.


Our Centre is opened for everyone. We have no national difference here – everyone is united by MAI, friendship and good fellowship.

The purpose of our Centre is the strengthening and creation of friendship ties between the students from different countries.

Major objectives of ISCC:

Providing of help for foreign students in adaptation in Russia and involvement in social activity;

Integrating of efforts for implementation of joint projects in scientific, cultural and educational fields, exchange of experience in different spheres;

Creating of mutual respect and tolerance to unfamiliar culture among young people.

You can take part in traditional festivals (dedication to students, New Year, Students’ Day, Saint Valentine’s Day, ISCC Day), live music performances, different parties in our Centre; get to know cultural values and national peculiarities, traditions, habits of the foreign students, studying in our institute. All these activities aim at all-round mental and material development of our students, rallying them in the united international family.

Groups and singers of our nations take an active part and introduce MAI in different festivals, competitions, concerts,

Due to ISCC, Moscow festival of foreign students’ friendship has been successfully held in the Culture Center of MAI during 2 years.

We are opened for everyone!

If you have some ideas about creative projects, thoughts about some events or suggestion of help – come to us.

We hope that we picked your interest, and tomorrow you will open the door and tell us: “There I come!”


The Council of ISCC, MAI

Members of the Council

Аргельо Хакоме Ирвин Фернандо (Ecuador)

Вей Пью Аунг (Myanmar)

Муньос Гонсалес Вивалдо (Mexico)

Фунг Ван Бинь (Vietnam)

Leshenko Anastasiya Valentinovna (Belorussia)

Uteshev Azat Raykanovich (Kazakhstan)

Алиа Набила Абдиллах (Malaysia)

Ареюр Видианатх Сачиданандамуртхи (India)

Чжон Сон Хо (Republic of Korea)

Чжан Юй (China)