Medical Сare

The Health Service Centre of the Moscow Aviation Institute

Mens sana in corpore sano!

(A sound mind in a sound body!)

There is the Health Service Centre in MAI.

You must address to Health Service Centre №44, if you need to get release from physical training classes, certificate of health, prophylactic immunization.

Students undergo medical examination on the 1st, 2nd and 4th courses. Medical examination of the first-year students starts in September. For undergoing it is necessary to get your case record from the registration office and attend the following specialists: otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, neurologist, therapeutist, dentist, gynecologist. After this, you get your health medical record with the defined physical training group.

Those students, who do not undergo medical examination in proper time, face big queue and problems with health check and are not allowed to pass exams.

Besides, students should make fluorography annually.

There are ultrasonic diagnosis, physical medicine, reflexotherapy, massage offices, clinicodiagnostic laboratory, X-ray, electrocardiography in Health Service Centre № 44.

Senior physician – Anikeeva Nataliya Alexseevna

Contact Information

Address: Fakultetskiy pereulok, d. 10.

Registration office: +7 (499) 158-95-00.

Senior Physician: +7 (499) 158-13-53, internal number 54-06.

Chief of therapeutics department: internal number 44-63.