Research at MAI

MAI disposes of unique technical resources for scientific experiments including 126 research departments and laboratories. The real examples of aircrafts, helicopters, spacecrafts and rockets; flight simulators, unique equipment to research jet engines and hypersonic jet engines, wind tunnels, test benchs to research the superconductivity, unique electric motors; , test benchs of radar complexes and active phased arrays; advanced systems of signal and image processing; modern computer facility, information and CALS-systems are available for students and researchers.
The following lines of research and development are established as the priorities ones:

  • Aeronautical systems (civil, transport and military aircraft; helicopters; unmanned gliders, helicopters, airships, atmosphere and stratosphere balloons; promising flying vehicles of alternative design)
  • Rocket and astronautical systems (space vehicles of various purposes including the habitable ones; rocketry of all types and purposes, etc.);
  • Power plants of aeronautical, rocket and astronautical systems (power plants for aeronautical systems all types, spacecraft and rocket propulsion of different types);
  • Information and telecommunication technologies of aeronautical, rocket and astronautical systems (systems of communication, data transmission, telemetry, navigation, intelligent control, radiolocation; optical and optoelectronic systems and their interconnecting)