School №1. Aeronautical engineering


№ 101 Airplane Design
№ 102 Helicopter Design
№ 103 On board mechanical systems design
№ 104 Process engineering of manufacturing and total quality control
№ 105 Aerodynamics
№ 106 Flight dynamics and control
№ 107 Conceptual design and effectiveness of aviation systems
№ 108 Certification

The School is headed by dean, Professor Alexander V. Efremov, Doctor of Science in Engineering. He also heads the Department 106 “Flight dynamics and control” and the Pilot vehicle system laboratory.

The School of “Aeronautical engineering” was founded among the first MAI schools in 1930 and meant for training engineers for Russian aircraft industry. It became a base for development of other MAI schools.

The school trains highly skilled engineers for aeronautical design

Our graduates work at the designing of flying vehicles for various purposes including the estimation of their effectiveness and conceptual design; in aerodynamics and flight dynamics; certification (standardization) and flightworthiness testing.

The school enrolls up to 290 students and 15-20 postgraduates annually, trains international students and provides in-depth study courses for specialists. The School curriculum includes different practical trainings: working, technological, design and pre-graduation trainings. Many pre-graduate students undergo a summer pilot training at “Alferyevo” airdrome (Moscow region).

The School includes several R&D departments such as: Pilot vehicle system laboratory; joint engineering design office “Aerocar”; OSKBS – Sectoral Special Design Bureau of an Experimental Aircraft Construction; STO-1 – technical maintenance sector for special-purpose computers; SKB-AM – student design office of aircraft modelling.

Nowadays 3 academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 28 professors, 48 associate professors, 9 senior lecturers and 6 assistants are among the standing faculty.