School №3. Control Systems, informatics and electropower systems


№ 301 Automatic and Intelligent Control System
№ 302 Automated Systems of Information Processing and Control
№ 303 Devices and Measurement-Computation Complexes
№ 304 Computer, Computer Systems and Network
№ 305 Automated Complexes of Orientation and Navigation Systems
№ 306 Microelectronic Electrical Systems
№ 307 Instrumentation Technology
№ 308 Information Technology
№ 309 Theoretical electrical engineering
№ 310 Electrical power, Electromechanical and Biotechnology Systems
№ 311 Mathematical Simulation

The faculty of Control Systems, Informatics and Electropower Systems offers:

  • 5-year courses leading to the Diploma of Engineer in the areas of:

Automation and Control, Control Systems and Navigation, Informatics and Computer TEchmology,

Information Systems, Aviation Devices, Electro-Technology and Electro-Mechanics;

  • 4-year courses leading to the Bachelor of Science (Eng.) Degree in the area of:

Automation and Control;

  • 2-year* courses leading to the Master of Science (Eng.) Degree in the areas of:

Automation and Control

Informatics and Computer Technology

*- for the Bachelor degree owners