School №4. Radio Electronics for flying vehicles


№ 401 Radar and radio navigation
№ 402 Control and radio systems
№ 403 Computer facilities and informatics
№ 404 Design, technology and manufacturing of the radio electronic equipment
№ 405 Theoretical radio engineering
№ 406 Radio physics, antennas and microwave engineering
№ 407 Radio receiving equipment
№ 408 Communication facilities for moving objects

The School provides education that qualifies graduates for creative scientific activity as well as for practical activities in different areas of radio electronics and data communication.

The majors are:

• Radio engineering;

• Design of the radio electronic systems (in particular for the GPS-based precise measurements of the moving object position and orientation);

• Design and manufacturing technology of the radio-electronic and computing equipment;

• Design of the moving object communication means;

• Data protection and information security.

The School curriculum ensures education in the design of:

• radar and navigation systems and equipment;

• remote control and optoelectronic systems;

• communication networks and integrated communication services network.

The School’s curriculum covers the engineering support of the whole life cycle of the electronic equipment starting from its design and development to manufacturing technology, operation and maintenance. This includes their full technological maintenance from the account of performances and designing antennas; to receiving; transmitting; computing and cybernetic systems; development of special software, and system integration before operation; set-up and repair of television; radar-tracking and radio telephone systems, and the creation the development of information webs and the latest information technologies.

Because of the radio-electronic universality the School, in addition to its aerospace applications, offers minors in the ecological monitoring system, mobile telephony, radiometry, TV, microwave antennas and phased antenna lattices, microprocessor design, and medical electronic equipment.