School №5. The Institute of Business Engineering MAI


№ 501 Industrial management and marketing
№ 502 Economy of industry
№ 503 Personal and social safety
№ 504 Applied Informatics in Economics
№ 505 Economics and management of R&D
№ 506 Management systems of economic objects
№ 507 Theoretical economics
№ 508 Economics of investments
№ 509 Marketing and commercialization in the space industry

This school seeks to train students for professional careers in the field of economics, management, finances, business administration and business law in aviation and other high technology industries. Courses focus on the international experience of business training attending to the present economic situation in Russia.

The curriculum prepares students for specialization in:

• industrial management

• marketing in the aerospace industry

• R@D and project management

• financial management

• international business

• entrepreneurship

• computers in bank’s operation

• environmental control

• business law

It specially concentrates on management, information and computer systems in the designing, development and production of aerospace systems and their subunits.

Successful undergraduates from any other school can enroll in the special programs that leads to a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Management.

The school participates in a number of international educational projects with universities and business schools in France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany.