School №7. Robotic and Intelligent Systems

№ 701 Aviation robotic systems
№ 702 Servo drive systems for aerospace vehicles
№ 703 System designing of aviation complexes
№ 704 Information and control complexes

This School is the only one of its kind in Russia that provides training according to a full range of disciplines which prepare students for careers related to flying vehicles robotic complexes.


The curriculum includes such important areas as:

• Development of mathematical models of flying vehicles and their system, and related simulation software as well;

• Research in the field of complex technical objects systems engineering and effectiveness their application;

• Expert systems software engineering and other systems of intelligent support;

• Development of software and dataware for automated processing of both statistical data and images;

• Research in the field of information technologies for automated planning, forecasting and decision making problems solution;

• Systems design of automatic scan, detection, identification and tracking of air, marine and ground objects with usage of radar, infra-red, optical and laser devices;

• Usage of both GSP and GLONASS technologies for determination of a position, velocity and attitude of moving objects;

• Computer simulation of information and control complexes operation and servo drives of aircraft, missiles and robotic systems as well;

• Automation of the complex mechanical systems and servo drives designing based on modern computer technologies;

• Computer control of robotic systems;

• Testing of robotic systems and their components.

The School curriculum allows to prepare students to apply computers technologies including innovations in all field.