School №9. Applied Mechanics

№ 901 Structural materials technology
№ 902 Strength of materials. Dynamics and Strength of machines
№ 903 Hydraulic, Environmental control
№ 904 Engineering graphics and applied geometry
№ 906 Engineering science and machinery
№ 907 Machines and mechanisms theory
№ 908 Physical chemistry
№ 909 Antennas and microwave devices design

This School is widely recognized in Russia and other countries because the programs are based not only on traditional but also on unique or uncommon courses for this type of education. Here the graduates are qualified for careers in research and mechanical engineering.

The Majors are:

• Dynamics and Strength of Machinery;

• Design of Antennas and Components of Microwaves Devices;

• Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Technologies.

Graduates receive a rich background in physics and mathematics and an update in computer technologies. They become skilled to work in extreme and ambiguous situations (calculation of strength, durability and vibrations of flying vehicles). Their skills also include designing of antennas and intelligent systems. This level of education gives them a chance for various careers and to be hired by different kinds of companies or laboratories etc.

The most successful students participate in scientific research, which implies an individual approach. Minors in Economics and Management are optional.