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Your bright future in Aeronautical Engineering begins here!

Advanced aerospace engineering education is now available in English or Russian

Our four year Bachelor Degree in Aeronautical Engineering is now available for international students in English or Russian.

Aeronautical Engineering focuses on how aircraft are designed, constructed and used in a wide variety of fields.

Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering is still available for international students in Russian medium. You can get courses in Russian after 1 year of Preparatory school.

Aeronautical engineering focuses on how aircraft are designed, constructed and powered, how they are used and how they are controlled for safe operation.

Your bright future in Aeronautical Engineering begins here!

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Benefits Education plan

Benefits of a new Bachelor's Program in English

  • For this program we have developed brand-new syllabuses.
  • The first two years will be integrated for all modules.
  • After the second year students will be able to choose from different areas such as: Aircraft Engineering, Aircraft Engines, Electrical Engineering and Avionics, Astronautical Engineering, and Computer Aided Design
  • Students will receive practical training at companies in the Russian and International aviation industry.

International recognition of your Bachelor's Degree Certificate

  • Students have an opportunity to study abroad at the best Technical Universities in the world.
  • Students who obtain the Bachelor's Degree will be able to continue their studies with the Master's Degree program in English or study in a joint Master's Degree program with our partner universities.

During the first year of the program you will take courses in mathematics, physics, and engineering fundamentals, including introduction to aerospace engineering, mechanics, statics and materials.

In the second year you will study advanced mathematics, metrology and standardization, and electrical engineering.

The third year will consist of four modules. Further study will depend on which module you choose:

1. Aircraft Engineering
2. Aircraft Engines
3. Electronic Engineering and Avionics
4. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in Aircraft Manufacturing

From the third year onwards you will begin to deal with some of the advanced concepts in aeronautics, engines and electronics. These include the study of flight dynamics and flight control, aircraft power plants, aerohydrodynamics, control systems and technologies, and sensing technologies.

Half of the fourth year will be devoted to project work. Individual project work allows you to apply the knowledge you have gained during your studies to a specific problem in aeronautical engineering. You will take part in practical laboratories and carry out experiments using modern, state of the art equipment.

Tuition fee for the English program is 6000 euro per year. For more information, please see our pricing structure.

A full range of specialties will become available for you if you choose education in the Russian language. You will discover the world of the Russian language, culture, art, and most importantly, scientific literature.

Education in the Russian language will require one year of preparatory school at the completion of which you will be able to study with Russian students and fully immerse yourself into the life of our University, city and country.

Tuition for the preparatory school is 2500 Euros but successful completion of the program allows students to study in Russian for the tuition of 3600 Euros per year for the Aeronautical Engineering program.

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